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As a cap off to Village of Egg Harbor’s No Mow May, you are invited to join Herbalist, David LaLuzerne for a delicious event to celebrate the humble dandelion. Often viewed as a pesky weed, the dandelion is chock full of vitamins and minerals.

In a five-course meal, attendees will enjoy hors d'oeuvre, soup, quiche, greens, and dessert - with dandelion at the center of each dish. The meal will be accompanied by dandelion wine, tea, and a side of dandelion lore.

The event, which has happened just three times in Door County, will have an added element for foraging enthusiasts and home cooks. A limited number of guests will be invited to participate in the foraging and have a hands-on cooking experience guided by LaLuzerne on June 1. They will be invited back the following day to wrap up the workshop. That night to enjoy the fruits of their labor and take in the presentation.

Those who wish to just experience the dinner are able to purchase a dinner-only ticket.

Menu includes:

Dandelion pesto on a cracker with smoked fish served with dandelion wine

Ramp and Potato Soup

Dandelion quiche with bacon

Stir-fried dandelion greens and fresh thyme with cherry balsamic vinegar

Dandelion blossom cake, roasted dandelion root tea

Two Day Foraging Workshop & Dandelion Dinner Ticket: June 1 & 2 (limited to 6)

June 1, 10 am-4 pm: Meet David for dandelion picking at a secret location, followed by preparation and class at the Kress Pavilion | June 2: Noon-4 pm: Final dinner preparation and education wrap up.

June 2: 6-8 pm: Dinner in the Kress Pavilion Great Hall

Ticket: $100 – includes a two-day workshop for one and dandelion dinner for two

Dandelion Dinner Only Ticket: June 2 (limited to 20)

June 2, 6-8 pm: Dinner in the Kress Pavilion Great Hall

Ticket: $40 – includes dandelion dinner for one

Venue Information

Donald and Carol Kress Pavilion
7845 Church Street
Egg harbor, WI 54209

Organizer Information

Donald & Carol Kress Pavilion

7845 Church St
Egg Harbor, WI 54209

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